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(May 18, 2018)
Thanks Tessar! :)
(May 18, 2018)
Welcome Megla!
(May 16, 2018)
welcome Morganlefey!
(May 10, 2018)
Welcome Athenarae!
(May 06, 2018)
Thank you Tessar!
(May 05, 2018)
Welcome Zendara :)
(Apr 11, 2018)
Ok, thank you!
(Apr 10, 2018)
Welcome Morfydd!
(Apr 10, 2018)
Songbrook, just ask any officer when you are online with the new alt.
(Apr 08, 2018)
Hi guys! So, I made a new alt, and I'm kinda wondering what's the best way to get it into the kinship?
(Apr 03, 2018)
welcome Aridane !
(Mar 31, 2018)
Welcome Evenien and Planetes !
(Mar 30, 2018)
hello all and thank you for letting me be in this cool kinship
(Mar 29, 2018)
welcome Dadhrellond !
(Mar 29, 2018)
Welcome Ieboruth !
(Mar 28, 2018)
We will be doing low and medium level skirmish runs after 5pm Eastern Time US.
(Mar 19, 2018)
Its really annoying due to some problem, will try to make it on time if I cant will have to be on the next week
(Mar 19, 2018)
I got a problem... my lotro game keep bumping
(Mar 19, 2018)
Hey Guys how is everybody?
(Mar 13, 2018)
Just a friendly reminder that every 4th Monday/group meet up I will be either a little late or not at all bc of a previous commitment..ty and Im sorry for any inconvenience..