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Manakeep 728x90
(Jul 08, 2019)
welcome Iaureth
(Jul 07, 2019)
welcome Iaureth!
(Jun 29, 2019)
hi Hotharey
(Jun 17, 2019)
Hi. My flights are delayed and I won’t make it to Monday night quest group. Hopefully Jazz can lead the group tonight
(Jun 15, 2019)
hi Aluilos, I'm fine.
(Jun 11, 2019)
Woah it's been over a year since I've posted here how are you all doing?
(Jun 03, 2019)
Hey Tess! today I won´t show up on monday night group, yesterday was a rough day for a weekend and need today´s rest a little bit, hope you guys have fun ill catch you up next monday!
(May 31, 2019)
welcome Arnakua
(May 29, 2019)
Welcome Arnakua !
(May 25, 2019)
hi, Pod here, I may not make it to Sat night group because of out of town company.. thx
(May 19, 2019)
Sunday night and kinchat is not working
(May 14, 2019)
Welcome Vaskyron.
(May 14, 2019)
Welcome to the website Hotharey. :)
(May 11, 2019)
Okay Pisba, no problem : )
(May 11, 2019)
welcome Vaskyron !
(May 11, 2019)
YAY! I'm official!
(May 11, 2019)
Tessar I may not be in group Saturday night if I am there at start I will be in group just not sure if I can get there on time Pisba
(May 10, 2019)
Welcome Flo and Jas
(May 10, 2019)
Welcome Flordeliz !
(May 10, 2019)
Welcome Jaszwen !