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(Aug 10, 2018)
Thank you Tess
(Aug 10, 2018)
welcome Loxxley!
(Jul 23, 2018)
I hope it´s ok and I will be on later on this week. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great evening :)
(Jul 23, 2018)
Today I´m going to miss the Monday Night group as Im off the maintown... came to the north side of the country to help my father and just arrived 1hr ago, im really tired after all the gardening stuff around.
(Jul 23, 2018)
Hey Tess!
(Jul 18, 2018)
Looks like you can add one under the character tab of the roster
(Jul 16, 2018)
how do I add more of my names to my profile?
(Jul 13, 2018)
Hi, it's great to be back from being away for three weeks.. nice to see the kin doing well!
(Jul 10, 2018)
welcome all
(Jul 02, 2018)
Welcome Helethon !
(Jun 28, 2018)
Welcome Maeyewen !
(Jun 19, 2018)
welcome Ivellion :)
(Jun 18, 2018)
welcome Murus : )
(Jun 16, 2018)
welcome Amabilis, Pacorus and Lyraeli !
(May 28, 2018)
Thanks for letting me join. I am a returning player. I used to play on Windfola . My toons name was Beornblade.
(May 23, 2018)
Just a friendly reminder that the Mondays, 6/18, 6/25, 7/1/18 I will be absent from Group Monday night play for RL stuff..I'm sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.. :)
(May 23, 2018)
Welcome to all new players! Happy trails!
(May 18, 2018)
Thanks Tessar! :)
(May 18, 2018)
Welcome Megla!
(May 16, 2018)
welcome Morganlefey!