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Momentous News - A Friendly kin split !

Tessar / Jun 19, 2018
Our Successor, Dilligence, has a vision for a kinship that has its own unique culture which is similar to ours in some ways and different in other ways. After in-depth discussion I have encouraged him to realize his dream by forming a new kinship which will be allied with ours – a sister-kin.

This gives you an opportunity to re-think what you really want and make the choice that is best for you. We will provide a clear description of the culture of each kin via game mail so that you can make an informed decision.

I encourage everyone to put aside ideas of loyalty to me or to Dill. I want you to be loyal to YOURSELVES and your own preferences. LOTRO is a game, meant to be fun. Go where your heart takes you.

And if you find that neither kin is really what you want, then go find another you like better. Ask questions about their culture before you join.

Dill will be accepting new members into his Righteous Kingdom kinship on Tuesday June 19.

Let us set a shining example of true friendship & cooperation in this transition.

Tessar : )

Kin Description for Frodo’s Friends – Leader Tessar
A relaxed social kinship. We foster a friendly, light-hearted kinchat that is family rated. To keep it light we discourage debate on religion,/politics/controversial topics. We focus on enjoying the game and building our characters. This is a safe place to come to forget the trials of life and just have fun. Events are offered spontaneously when someone genuinely wants to. We prefer to be a medium sized kin with a strong core of dedicated members who love Tolkien’s LOTR.



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