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Congrats to Galanur - our new Successor!

Tessar / Dec 13, 2016
I am pleased to report that yesterday, December 12, 2016, Olanath announced the appointment of Galanur as our kin's Successor.

Galanur has been with this kin since August 7, 2012. His knowledge of this game is extensive - he plays all aspects including PvP and Monster play, so he is a great resource for any information you may need to help you develop strong characters. I often consult with him about gear, cosmetics and housing decorations - he always knows where to find something.

Having played most classes, he has many alts including Galeran, Gotrrek, Thrranduil, Elegast, Arthedar, Dwalic, Dunagar, Joseef, Silverfeather, and Eoderd.

He also has in-depth knowledge of the Lord of the Rings lore, authored by J.R. Tolkien, and often enlightens us about the histories of in-game characters and important battles.

But perhaps most important of all, Galanur is a wonderful Friend to this kin and I welcome him as our new Successor.



Grats to you Galanur, I am proud to call you my Liege and Friend.
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