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An Invitation

Tessar / Jun 15, 2016
For more than 2 years now we have been running a Monday night questing group made up of six regular members who have committed to playing at the set time. We have had so much fun and made good game-friends!

Well, we are starting again with new characters and we are inviting anyone who may be interested to join us! There are 2 ways you can participate:
1.Sign on as a ‘regular’, committed to playing on Monday nights from 8 to 10pm eastern time. We will level up together using experience disablers if needed to stay within the same level range.
2. Or, play on an occasional basis - just show up on Monday nights, and if we have room you can join us. After we do a bit of leveling/epics/deeds, we then open up to a raid and do higher level skraids, warbands, roving threats etc. For this you will want a higher level character (100+).

For now we anticipate that the regulars will play the new toons from 8 to 9pm, and then the high-level raid will start.

Happy Questing!
RSVP to Finphord (in-game mail) if interested : )
This is an alliance event and is posted on our event calendar.


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