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Tessar / May 21, 2019
I am pleased to announce that we have been invited to join the Wanderers Alliance, headed by Pontin of the Second Breakfast kinship. This gives all of us more opportunities for group events. Participation is optional and is done mainly via their in-game chat channel. To join it type:
/joinchannel Wanderers (note there is a space in the middle)
It will be assigned to a number, for most people it will be 1 or perhaps 2. To type in that channel, type:
/1 yourtext (or /2)

They have normal rules of conduct for their chat channel and their events - to be polite and respectful.

More info is on the Alliance website at

Happy Gaming !

Tess : )
Tessar / Apr 28, 2019
April 28, 2019

I am pleased to announce that our own awesome Fjaernor has agreed to take on the role of Co-Leader of Frodo’s Friends, along with myself. So we will have two Leaders that you can turn to, and we will all benefit by having the energy and focus of two people to help keep this kin vibrant and running smoothly.

Since the game does not have an official Co-Leader title, we will use the Leader and Successor titles and swap them back and forth every few months.

Thank you for accepting this responsibility Fjaernor!

And I also want to give a huge thanks to Bran who has been our Successor for the past ten months. I appreciate all you have done for this kin, Bran!

And of course our Officers help a great deal to keep things fun and alive here - you guys rock!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns….and…..

Remember to have fun : )

Tessar / Jun 26, 2018
Everyone, please join me in welcoming our new Successor - Brandimur (Branthor, Brandabear, Branalas,etc) !

Bran has been a helpful member of this kinship for 6 years. He plays often, has lots of game knowledge that he freely shares, and he has at least one toon in every class so he is a valuable resource for class tips.

I am grateful for all of his contributions to this kin and I consider myself lucky to be his friend.

Congratulations and thank you Brandimur !

Tess : )
Tessar / Jun 19, 2018
Our Successor, Dilligence, has a vision for a kinship that has its own unique culture which is similar to ours in some ways and different in other ways. After in-depth discussion I have encouraged him to realize his dream by forming a new kinship which will be allied with ours – a sister-kin.

This gives you an opportunity to re-think what you really want and make the choice that is best for you. We will provide a clear description of the culture of each kin via game mail so that you can make an informed decision.

I encourage everyone to put aside ideas of loyalty to me or to Dill. I want you to be loyal to YOURSELVES and your own preferences. LOTRO is a game, meant to be fun. Go where your heart takes you.

And if you find that neither kin is really what you want, then go find another you like better. Ask questions about their culture before you join.

Dill will be accepting new members into his Righteous Kingdom kinship on Tuesday June 19.

Let us set a shining example of true friendship & cooperation in this transition.

Tessar : )

Kin Description for Frodo’s Friends – Leader Tessar
A relaxed social kinship. We foster a friendly, light-hearted kinchat that is family rated. To keep it light we discourage debate on religion,/politics/controversial topics. We focus on enjoying the game and building our characters. This is a safe place to come to forget the trials of life and just have fun. Events are offered spontaneously when someone genuinely wants to. We prefer to be a medium sized kin with a strong core of dedicated members who love Tolkien’s LOTR.

Tessar / May 02, 2018
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dilligence as our kin Successor. Many of you already know that he is the original founder of this kin more than seven years ago. His passion for group experiences and his friendly, helpful attitude are great contributions that will benefit us all.

I want to thank Galanur for his excellent contributions as Successor this past year and a half. We have received many compliments on our kinhouse - Galanur spearheaded the decorations and organization, with the help of many of you. Thank you Galanur !

I look forward to sharing the leadership with Dilligence. Together we will continue to maintain a friendly, family-rated kinchat, and a helpful game experience. We also respect individual preferences in that some people prefer a more quiet, self-reliant play-style.

The most important thing is to have fun and play the way you like to play.

Congrats to Dill ! And heartfelt thanks to Galanur !

In Friendship,
Tessar / Dec 13, 2016
I am pleased to report that yesterday, December 12, 2016, Olanath announced the appointment of Galanur as our kin's Successor.

Galanur has been with this kin since August 7, 2012. His knowledge of this game is extensive - he plays all aspects including PvP and Monster play, so he is a great resource for any information you may need to help you develop strong characters. I often consult with him about gear, cosmetics and housing decorations - he always knows where to find something.

Having played most classes, he has many alts including Galeran, Gotrrek, Thrranduil, Elegast, Arthedar, Dwalic, Dunagar, Joseef, Silverfeather, and Eoderd.

He also has in-depth knowledge of the Lord of the Rings lore, authored by J.R. Tolkien, and often enlightens us about the histories of in-game characters and important battles.

But perhaps most important of all, Galanur is a wonderful Friend to this kin and I welcome him as our new Successor.

Thrainik / Sep 25, 2016
By Cordovan_
Greetings! I am Severlin, Executive Producer for Lord of the Rings Online. I just wanted to take the time to update you on our plans for the coming months. I have been working on LOTRO for some time now, but this is my first formal Producer’s Letter, so this is an introduction to some of you. I have taken over the reins for Vyvyanne, who has moved to a different project. I am serving as Executive Producer for both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online. Prior to my place with LOTRO I served as the Executive Producer for Dungeons and Dragons, and as Executive Producer of Asheron’s Call before that. I have been working in the games industry for almost 10 years. I first read the Lord of the Rings trilogy over 30 years ago and I have loved the story and the lore. From reading through the Hobbit to exploring the mythos in the Silmarillion I have been a fan of Tolkien for quite some time.
We are currently hard at work on Update 19, titled the March of the King. Our plan is to release the update in October. Update 19 will feature The Last Debate, along with the Host of the West and its March through North Ithilien, the debut of new premium housing on the Cape of Belfalas, a return to landscape questing, and a new rotation of featured instances. North Ithilien was once known for its gardens, and some called it the prettiest area of Gondor. That beauty remains even in the presence of the enemy. The overgrown and wild area still has many plants and flowers that are not found elsewhere in Middle Earth, and players can gather the flora found there to barter for rewards that will remain useful into 2017. We look forward to telling you more about Update 19 in the coming weeks!
Premium housing brings vastly more hook points, the ability to own multiple houses, a fully revised housing UI, and more. Current homeowners can continue to enjoy their dwellings, and we remain committed to supporting classic housing in the future. 
Excitement is rising in the studio as the story progresses toward some very enticing story moments and some very interesting regions. Looking past Update 19, we are looking forward to exploring the foreboding lands of Dagorlad, experiencing the Battle of the Black Gate, and perhaps even meeting a VERY well-known riddle and magical accessories fan. We've hinted at the possibility of bringing you to Mordor in a full expansion, and we'll be continuing to work through that process in the coming months. 
We're also aiming to address some of the things you've been urging us to work on. Lag in large encounters is a top priority. We are working on changes to the Burglar and Hunter class to make them more competitive.  We are also looking to fix more bugs, add some quality of life improvements, and improve some of our festivals to keep them interesting and fun.
It remains a pleasure to help guide the LOTRO team through our journey in Middle-earth, and we look forward to celebrating all things Tolkien with you for a long time to come.
September 2016 Producer's Letter
Tessar / Jun 15, 2016
For more than 2 years now we have been running a Monday night questing group made up of six regular members who have committed to playing at the set time. We have had so much fun and made good game-friends!

Well, we are starting again with new characters and we are inviting anyone who may be interested to join us! There are 2 ways you can participate:
1.Sign on as a ‘regular’, committed to playing on Monday nights from 8 to 10pm eastern time. We will level up together using experience disablers if needed to stay within the same level range.
2. Or, play on an occasional basis - just show up on Monday nights, and if we have room you can join us. After we do a bit of leveling/epics/deeds, we then open up to a raid and do higher level skraids, warbands, roving threats etc. For this you will want a higher level character (100+).

For now we anticipate that the regulars will play the new toons from 8 to 9pm, and then the high-level raid will start.

Happy Questing!
RSVP to Finphord (in-game mail) if interested : )
This is an alliance event and is posted on our event calendar.