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[Pinned] Ale Assoc. and Inn League delivery quest (fast rep and festival tokens)

You can earn +4400 rep for BOTH factions simultaneously from 22 total daily deliveries. (The math is regurgitated from another post). This is a Great way to get Starlit crystals and other goodies, since the badges of taste and Dishonor can be trad...
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Saturday Night weekly fellowship group

Our Saturday questing group started on Sept 22, 2018 with Minitess, Branasam, Whobearswins, Merrienn, Bellathrace, Zellasar, Vasbeyjah and Plona.We started at Thorins Hall and did good deeds throughout Ered Luin !I started this thread to give upda...
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Monday night Weekly Fellowship round 3

Welcome to round 3 of the Weekly Fellowship Group! We started on Sept 3, 2018 in the Shire with Tessaberri, Minibran, Jazzithra, Ilodin, Madissen and Berethain from the original group, plus newcomers Musiikki, Flummery and Anethelwulf - an auspici...
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Older raids and instances

Hello there.I'm hoping to gauge interest in some older group content that I've never been able to do. In particular, I'm eager to do Helegrod and possibly also the Rift. On the lesser commitment end, I've never actually won Fillikul.For character ...
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Aria of Valar

when I purchased the Mordor expansion I received the Aria (?) of Valar so Kiring jumped from the 30s to lvl 105. Should I go back and fill in some of the missing quests or continue at this lvl (Helm Deep, gondor, etc)?
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Thoughts on LOTRO

Been playing since 2013 at this point, the kin that we have is family to me, we all share the love of Lotro. Many of the core aspects and mechanics of the game are archaic (including the graphics), and because the devs were so intent on sticking t...
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Simple (And very important!) things that you may miss in LOTRO!

Hello Friends!LOTRO game play is very wide and it is normal that you miss a little thing, especially in first years (!) of playing.I myself have had some of these problems!Also I usually encounter other players that they have too. (sometimes high ...
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What should we do with all our gold?!

We have received a donation of 2,650 gold from a non-kin-member named Smellarat/Ossewine to use for creating a fun environment that attracts/holds players to this game.I welcome your ideas here in this forum.Glorfihar is holding the funds for the ...
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Honorable Mentions (Former kin members)

This thread only lists kin members that were expelled by being inactive for 1 or more years and active long time members (in the kin for a month or more) that leave the kinship for some reason. Dilligence is the former founder of "Frodo's Friends"...
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Sunday Night fellowship run

I would like to HOST a fellowship run on every sunday night. I would like to talk to someone on how it all works and an officer to tell me the rules on this. there is already two groups highly invested I would like to make another one... from leve...
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Thursday Night Intance Group!

Hello Friends!Beginning Thursday, Nov. 15th, I will be running a weekly instance group with the idea of running 6/12 person content that our members may not normally get the opportunity to do! The content will vary from week to week, based on YOUR...
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Saturday group

hi, I have brought Podleaf/hunter along.. maybe my Podleaf name is a reflection of green growing things.. Pods and leaves.. lol, idk, anyway, reflects my quirky side.. I'm glad to be a part of the group, and thank you..
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Fall Festival homes list

Post your home's address here if you're participating in the Treats or Trickery quest during the Fall Festival!Kinhouse: Mint Turtles !Amabilis: Shire Homesteads, Barleywick, 1 Pleasant Street (midgewater marshmallows)Baconbelly: Shire Homesteads,...
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Weekly fellowship group

For sometime now I've been interested in doing something similar to the Dum group over at CSTM (defunct link).Have a regular group of players we meet each week for a few hours and level up characters together, and only play that character with the...
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The best map every!

Thanks Amandaz for posting this!http://dynmap.ruslotro.comFJ
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Can a member please invite me in game? Hroldnar is the name! Thank you!
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Game of Thrones A Team

Found this 1 which its incredibly funny ^^
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Tess' ranch near Floowend

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Kin house stolen!!

Without Further notice I, Galanur, assuming the role of kin´s sucessor will warn every officer to stop the selection of new recruits to the kinship until further notice.I was briefly visiting the kin house due to tinydancerz wanted to put an item ...
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Lord of the rings strategy battle game - Durin´s Tower

___________________Durin´s Tower_________________*adding this music background soundtrack for more in depth reading ;) *" The Kingdom of Khazad-Dûm is at its peak; the wonder of the Northern World. King D...
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