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You can earn +4400 rep for BOTH factions simultaneously from 22 total daily deliveries. (The math is regurgitated from another post). This is a Great way to get Starlit crystals and other goodies, since the badges of taste and Dishonor can be traded for festival tokens.

AA = Ale Association
IL = Inn League

To be able to do all 22 deliveries you need to be at least Lvl 40 and have done each factions prerequisite challenges(pub crawls). AA's is in Thorin's beer hall and IL is at the Party Tree in Hobbitton during festivals.

  1. Obtain needed DRINKS for the IL QUESTS, but not the AA. You need to have all 11 drinks in your bag before starting. When you gather these drinks you might want to buy stacks of 50 so you can bank them for future use.
  • Prancing Pony (Bree)
  • Moor-Boar Beer & Stars of Old
  • Combe and Wattle Inn ( Combe)
  • Beakbreaker Ale
  • Thorin's Hall Inn (Thorin's Hall)
  • Bombur's Beard Lager
  • Limael's Vineyard (Celondim)
  • Limael's Vintage
  • Bird & Baby Inn (Michel Delving)
  • Blagrove's Brown
  • Ivy Bush ( Hobbitton)
  • Thistlebelly Brew
  • Golden Perch ( Stock)
  • Brandy Wine
  • Forsaken Inn (Lone Lands)
  • Forsaken Ale & Swill
  • The Last Homely House (Rivendell)
  • Dorwinion White

Ports used: Rivendell, Michel Delving, Thorin's Hall and Bree (2).
Ost Guruth and Enedwaith are optional as are any
others (including Class travel skills) you choose.
The cool down reducer for travel skills (Lotro Store) is a definite bonus, but not absolutely necessary.

Reducing graphics setting to LOW Resolution Saves time on over 21 loading screens and negates most of the 'Drunken 'effects when doing Pub Crawls

Key to Route terms Below:
  • Ride = Use your fastest mount
  • Travel = Regular Stable master mount
  • Swift = Swift Stable master mount
  • Port ='Return to' skill or Milestone
  • Get Drink = click on the Bartender (NPC) and advance the IL quest
  • which will give you the 'Unwanted' Drink
  • Deliver = 3 things :
    [*]click on the NPC to complete the AA quest
    [*]Click on the NPC again to obtain the IL quest(which will auto complete since you have the desired drink
    [*]Click on NPC a 3rd time to turn in the quest you just received
    [*]DO NOT Leave NPC before you have finished both quests(Make sure there isnt a AA or IL associated 'Quest Ring' over their head!

My Route:

START at Party Tree
  • Obtain all 11 AA quests ONLY (Make sure you have at least 12 quest spots open before taking quests)
RIDE to Hobbitton
  • GET DRINK @ Inn
RIDE to Bywater
  • GET DRINKS (2) @ Inn
RIDE to Frogmorton
PORT to Bree Then Ride to Forsaken Inn (Lone Lands)
OR Use bound map 'Annunlos'
RIDE to Bree
SWIFT to Michel Delving
  • GET DRINK @ Inn
SWIFT to Tinnudir
SWIFT to Oatbarton
  • DELIVER (When facing stables NPC is down the road to the right)
SWIFT to Brockenborings
  • GET DRINK @ Inn
  • DELIVER (NPC is @ house behind Stables)
PORT to Rivendell
  • GET DRINK @ Last Homely House (Inside, left door, 1st floor)
SWIFT to Hrimbarg (Misty Mts.)
PORT to Thorin's Hall (option:Swift to Rivendell, Bree, then Thorin's Hall)
  • GET DRINK in Beer Hall in Basement (Fast way is thru door to left of outside stairs to Thorin's Hall, then turn around and go thru door to basement beer Hall.)
Ride to Refuge of Edhelion (near Thorin's gate)
PORT or SWIFT to Bree
  • GET DRINKS (2) @ Prancing Pony
RIDE to Thornley's Worksite (On road to Trestlebridge)
RIDE to W Bree
SWIFT to Suri-Kyla
SWIFT to Zigilgund
SWIFT to Suri-Kyla
SWIFT to Gath Forthnir
SWIFT to Aughaire
SWIFT to Gath Forthnir
SWIFT to Esteldin
TRAVEL or RIDE to Orthrikar
PORT to Michel Delving
(Option:Travel to Esteldin, Swift to: Bree)
SWIFT to Cellondim
TRAVEL to Duillond
RIDE or TRAVEL to Thrasi's Lodge
PORT to Bree (Option PORT to Ost Guruth. Skip next)
SWIFT to Ost Guruth
RIDE to Ost Haer (Basically Due South)
PORT to Rivendell (option: (a) Bound Map to 'Echad Candelleth' or (b) RIDE to Barachen's camp (Trollshaws))
SWIFT to Echad Candelleth

I am using a War Steed along with an 'Out of combat' run speed buff.
I can manage it in 50 mins without changing graphics settings, or a 'Travel to' cooldown reducer. If you used the reducer and changed the graphics it could shave 10 to 20 mins off the time.

As far as the rest of the AA and IL quests, I dont actually do them at this time, so I can't post about them.

Good Hunting and Safe Delivering, I hope you all enjoy and can use this. Feel free to share any tweeks you may come up with.

See Ya in Middle-Earth
Peace! ... Until it is time to make war.
Woe be to those that stand before us,
Glory to those that stand at our sides.
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Doing this delivery run has the added benefit of gettin both AA and IL rep rather quickly.
Peace! ... Until it is time to make war.
Woe be to those that stand before us,
Glory to those that stand at our sides.
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