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Welcome to Frodo's Friends! (formerly Righteous Kingdom)
Frodo's Friends is a social kin on the Crickhollow server (formerly Windfola), open to all races and classes. We focus on helping each other have as much fun as possible! Our kin chat is moderated to provide a lighthearted experience suitable for all ages. We also encourage light role-play (but it is not required), and we are privileged to have some of Middle Earth's most respected and most notorious characters !

Most of this website can be viewed as a guest. If you are already a member of our kin please click the APPLY link at upper right and set up your account to get the full benefits. Use your main character name as your username. Only one application is required - if you have more than one character, you can add the alts to your account after you are accepted.

Note on TIME ZONES: When you are logged in, the times shown on the event calendar are adjusted to your local time (or whatever time zone you entered in your profile). If you are viewing this site as a Guest, the times shown are Eastern time zone.
Tessar / Jun 15, 2016
For more than 2 years now we have been running a Monday night questing group made up of six regular members who have committed to playing at the set time. We have had so much fun and made good game-friends!

Well, we are starting again with new characters and we are inviting anyone who may be interested to join us! There are 2 ways you can participate:
1.Sign on as a ‘regular’, committed to playing on Monday nights from 8 to 10pm eastern time. We will level up together using experience disablers if needed to stay within the same level range.
2. Or, play on an occasional basis - just show up on Monday nights, and if we have room you can join us. After we do a bit of leveling/epics/deeds, we then open up to a raid and do higher level skraids, warbands, roving threats etc. For this you will want a higher level character (100+).

For now we anticipate that the regulars will play the new toons from 8 to 9pm, and then the high-level raid will start.

Happy Questing!
RSVP to Finphord (in-game mail) if interested : )
This is an alliance event and is posted on our event calendar.
Thorir and friends / Jan 05, 2016
I am glad to announce that a wish has come true for me in the game, crafting at home. They have in the game as house decorations superior stations needed to do all crafts including farming along with a summoning horn to summon a supplier to buy, sell and repair. So now on the Kin lawn sits an:

Oven that also acts as a campfire,
Farming Garden that can be used for all fields,
Summoning Pole to summon the supplier.

I hope to see other fellow crafters joining me in crafting on the kin lawn. Hope to see you there soon,
Thorir and Friends
Tessar / Oct 29, 2015
On October 20 we moved into our new home on the Crickhollow server. Everything went very smoothly. When you transfer you will automatically be enrolled in the kin.

Before you move, check your game mail and take any attachments as these will not transfer. But all the belongings in your vault, bags and house will transfer.

After you transfer you will need to repurchase a house (if you already owned a house then the funds are provided by LOTRO which you will find in your game mail). I recommend that you do this early to get the best choice.

If you see a number appended to your character's name, you can rename the character by clicking on a message you will find in the alert box in the lower right of your screen.

Happy moving!

Tess : )